A newborn foal greets its mother.

New beginnings

The rare few of you who knew this website before, may have realized it was gone for quite a good time. This was deliberate. There was a hacking incident that led to my domain redirecting somewhere else, and rather than try to fix it, I chose to follow a Scorched Earth approach and simply nuke the site from the web.

I don’t regret it.

I write, and I write a lot; but I hadn’t been writing on Horses of Myth for quite awhile. Horses are my comfort and my delight, and I usually write about them as a way to pass the time, entertain myself and get through difficult times. At the time of its creation, I expected HoM to become… something. I don’t know what, exactly, but definitely something.

Now, I have changed, and as such, the site changed as well. Now, I mostly write for myself — those who wish to read it, are more than welcome. Let us bond over a shared perspective and interest. However, I am not sure I care as much about this site becoming something.

I lost a lot of my writings here. I don’t regret it. There were things I’d wanted to rewrite anyway, and this is as good an excuse as any.

So what to expect? Well, a few things; sporadic posts on horses in a historical, biological, cultural and social fashion; less attempts are trying to tap an interest in news and feel-good stories (though some may come up); well-researched articles on this or that (I can’t help it, really), with sources; and a lot more personal writings and musings.

If there’s anyone reading this equivalent of a message in a bottle, I welcome you.


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