I have been invested in horses since I was born (I can’t remember a time I didn’t love horses). Whether reading about them, writing about them, or simply making little horses out of clay to play with, they’ve always been a sizable part of my life.

I’ve never sat a saddle or owned a horse. This is, in part, due to being relatively poor and in a country that doesn’t favor it. That in itself wouldn’t have stopped me, as it hasn’t stopped many people. A severe disability since early infancy, on the other hand, is a greater challenge to overcome.

But even disability hasn’t stopped me from reading, writing and learning as much as I can, however I can. It certainly hasn’t stopped me from finding whatever joy I can in horses I’ve met through life.

Horses are fascinating animals in all aspects, and this site is my way of celebrating that. I don’t believe it is mere happenstance that they had such a striking place in human life. It isn’t coincidence that whenever a culture comes in contact with them, they quickly adopt them — so much so, that they occupy a privileged position in religion, myth and culture.

Horses have been an intrinsic part of the human experience for millennia, whether as a food source, instrument of war, harbinger of ill luck, or a symbolic representation of the soul. As technology evolves and we no longer rely on livestock, nonetheless the horse persisted. We’ve come a long way, and we will go further still.

This site is privately funded and serves no ads. While I will allow for sponsored and guest content in the future, that isn’t the goal, and for now, it is made and maintained by me alone. It is a labor of love a celebration of these animals that have been with us since time immemorial, and whose place is still in our collective conscious — for as long as we may last.

All the best, and happy reading.